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As much as you may know different ways of how to find the best Wedding Car Hire Sydney company for your wedding, going for the least expensive option should not be one of those ways. Weddings can be expensive, we all know this. In an effort to cut costs, most people often choose to relegate wedding limousine services to one of the least prioritized aspects as far as pricing is concerned.

This can be a very costly affair since you can:

  • Can end up with the oldest limousine in the company’s fleet
  • You may end up contracting an unreliable company that will fail to deliver
  • You may incur some unforeseen costs on the D-Day


To avoid making the biggest mistake of your precious wedding day, here are some tips on How to find the best Wedding Car Hire Sydney company for your big day.

Make The Right Choice

Get recommendations

This is one of the fastest ways to weed out the worst of the lot. Getting a personal recommendation from a friend would be preferred but should not be a requirement. There are very many forums online today that hold many different reviews about real life experiences that others have had with the various companies within any given niche. See what others are saying before you decide on at least three different limousine hire companies. Your options should be limited to the ones with the most glowing and reliable reviews.

Check their limo inventory

Do not trust the websites. Although, most companies will post photos of the limousines they actually have to hire, it is only prudent that you view the limousines yourself. Some dubious companies will post images of very flashy limos that they do not have and send you a very rickety vehicle on the D-Day.

Sign a binding contract for your special day

This is mostly for your own peace of mind. Most reliable companies will have no qualms with providing a signed contract stating that they will deliver such and such a vehicle to you on such and such a date. Those companies that ask you to take their word for it, may not be so confident on their own ability to deliver. Besides, you do not want to be double booked on your special day.

Ask to see their insurance

Every legitimate business is required by law to have the necessary insurance and permits. Ask to see if the limo company chosen has the necessary permits and insurance before you sign any contract with them.

There are reasons why people choose to go for the more costly options:

  • They provide value for money
  • They are held to a higher standard
  • They always deliver on the requirements


So, instead of just going for the cheapest option, choose a Wedding Car Hire Sydney company that will actually deliver and help make your big day a success. It might be more expensive, but it is worth it.